Labial Hypertrophy
Every one of us has different facial features, colors, and physiques. In the same way, female genitalia is unique to each individual. The external female genitalia is made of folds of skin known as the vulva. The inner folds are called labia minora, while the outer folds are called labia majora. These folds come in different shapes and sizes. Some may be symmetrical while others may not; others are small while others large.

Labial Hypertrophy Q & A

What is Labial Hypertrophy?
Labial Hypertrophy refers to labia that are enlarged. For most women, this is not an issue, and they will not even notice it.
What causes Labial Hypertrophy?
First, it’s worth knowing that there is no such thing as standard labia size. With this in mind, the cause of enlarged labia is not clearly understood by doctors. Some people are simply born that way, while others experience labial hypertrophy due to hormonal changes as they go through puberty. Also, women may notice their labia having enlarged after pregnancy.
How is Labial Hypertrophy diagnosed?
The diagnosis of Labial Hypertrophy is relatively straightforward. When you visit Dr. Brooks at Arizona Specialized Gynecology, he will conduct a physical examination before recommending treatment options.
Symptoms of Labial Hypertrophy
Mild labial Hypertrophy does not cause any issues for most women. However, if you have Labia Minora Hypertrophy, this can present a couple of problems that may disrupt your daily routine. Why? This is because the labia minora are more sensitive when compared to the Labia Majora. Therefore, due to factors such as lesser thickness and keratinization in labia minora, this area is more susceptible to friction when enlarged.

Below are some of the symptoms associated with Labial Hypertrophy:


Hygiene complications- this becomes an issue when the area is too sensitive, presenting problems when cleaning. The difficulty becomes particularly problematic during your period, which may cause infections.


Pain: this may limit your ability to engage in overly strenuous activities such as horse riding and bike riding. In more severe cases, you might experience pain and discomfort during intercourse.


Discomfort: enlarged labia tend to rub against tight clothing and underwear, which creates friction and pain.

If the enlarged labia is not in any way affecting your life, then there is no need for treatment. However, if you are experiencing pain and discomfort, then it’s best to visit Dr. Brooks, who will recommend a series of remedial procedures based on your condition.
For severe cases, Dr. Brooks will perform labiaplasty, a surgical procedure designed to reduce the size of your labia by removing excessive tissue. When it comes to relatively mild cases, Dr. Brooks will advise you to change your lifestyle. Some of the tips you might get include avoiding tight clothing, wearing cotton underwear, and a protective cushion during bike or horse riding.

Are your enlarged labia causing you pain and discomfort? Visit Dr. Brooks today for effective treatment options.
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How is Labial Hypertrophy treated?