Chronic Vaginal Infection
Joseph Brooks, MD, a gynecology expert at Arizona Specialized Gynecology, is experienced in treating and diagnosing a wide array of conditions, among them chronic vaginal infections. The mentioned disease is amongst the most common in women. It is estimated that three out of four women have dealt with it at some point in their lives. Common symptoms include itching and pain. If you are having symptoms related to the above, it’s best to contact Dr. Brooks online, or better still, visit his office in Phoenix, Arizona, at Arizona Specialized Gynecology.

If you are having symptoms related to the above, it is best to contact Dr. Brooks office, or better yet make an appointment to be seen at Arizona Specialized Gynecology.

Chronic Vaginal Infection Q & A

What are chronic vaginal infections?
Vaginitis, which is a chronic vaginal infection, has proven to be prevalent among most women. It is typically identified by the inflammation of the vulva and or vagina. Other common vaginal diseases include STDs and Vulvodynia.

Treating vaginitis-related conditions requires the expertise of an experienced gynecologist since these diseases are diverse. Take, for instance, irritant vaginitis, one of the many variants of vaginitis.

Chronic vaginal yeast infection, a brief definition
Chronic vaginal yeast infections tend to be recurrent, sometimes even up to four or more times annually. These conditions are also known to be resistant to over-the-counter drugs, a factor that makes them hard to treat. Dr. Brooks understands that the first step in dealing with these complications is identifying the source. In this regard, most recurrent yeast conditions are caused by a somewhat elusive yeast strain known as Candida glabrata. This organism is hard to notice since its culturing process is complicated. However, Dr. Brooks is dedicated to finding out the root cause of your condition and will identify the causative yeast organism before recommending treatment.

Vulvodynia is another condition known to cause chronic vulvar pain.

How to identify chronic vaginal infections?
Chronic vaginal yeast infections vary depending on factors such as the source of infection. However, common symptoms include:

Abnormal bleeding


Vaginal Discharge




Vaginal Inflammation

When you seek Dr. Brooks’ services, he will start by determining the infection source before recommending treatment.
What is vulvodynia?
Vulvodynia is a condition known to affect the opening of your vagina, often causing chronic pain and discomfort. It is caused by numerous conditions such as infections, skin disorders, or sometimes an unknown condition.

Common symptoms include:


Raw feeling











When you have this condition, it is best to seek Dr. Brooks’ services as soon as possible as leaving it untreated will most certainly make other activities such as sitting and sex almost unbearable.

Vulvodynia manifests itself as two different conditions outlined below:

Localized vulvodynia
The pain is felt when something comes into contact with your vulva area. Activities such as riding a bicycle, having sex, and wearing a tampon also become difficult due to pain.
Generalized vulvodynia
The significant difference is that the pain is always there, whether something is touching your vulva or not. Other symptoms may include aching of the vulva, stinging, burning sensation, and increased vaginal discharge.
Dr. Brooks has years-long experience in treating vaginal conditions. He will recommend an effective treatment to alleviate pain and heal nerve endings.
For some of the treatments, he recommends physical therapy and anesthetic ointment for the pain.

Don’t suffer from chronic vaginal infections in silence. We, at Arizona Specialized Gynecology, are ready to help you. Contact Dr. Brooks today.

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