Healthy Vagina
At Arizona Specialized Gynecology, female wellness is our number one concern. We understand that loose labia can be a source of significant discomfort, and as such, we have dedicated services to fix such issues. Joseph Brooks, MD, is experienced in the field and will deal with your condition with utmost expertise and professionalism. Visit us today for specialized labiaplasty-related procedures.

Healthy Vagina Q & A

How can I maintain a healthy vagina?
Just like we all have different facial features, so do all women have varied external genitalia. One of the unique features of a woman’s genitalia is the outer skin folding known as labia. Some are enlarged, others small, while others are symmetrical, and others not quite the same. While it’s completely normal to have enlarged labia, the condition can sometimes be so severe that it affects your sexual life. This mostly happens when the clitoral hood and the lower opening of your vagina are blocked.

Keep in mind that the labia has two parts that are the inner and outer folds. The former are known as labia minora and the latter labia majora.

Enlarged labia not only affects your sexual and vaginal health but has other far-reaching effects as well. They include:


Discomfort when wearing tight clothing


Pain during sex


Feelings of pain when engaging in strenuous activities like horse and bike riding


Unsightly in swimsuits and other tight clothing

Dr. Brooks offers specialized treatment known as labiaplasty to reduce the size of your labia.
What is labiaplasty?
Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure performed to reduce the size of your labia minora. It relieves discomfort brought about by labia size. The technique ensures that tissues no longer hang below the labia majora. This is achieved by reducing asymmetry and restoring natural shape and dimension to your labia.
What happens during labiaplasty?
When you visit Dr. Brooks for labia-related issues, he will first discuss the procedure’s ins and outs, just to ensure that you are comfortable with the approach. The surgical procedure may be performed in two different phases depending on your condition. After diagnosis, Dr. Brooks will recommend the right type of process to reduce the size of your labia, either the trim procedure or the wedge procedure.

These procedures are effective, with more than 90% of patients expressing satisfaction with the results.

Trim procedure
This is the most prevalent form of labiaplasty. Patients typically have a quicker recovery than the wedge procedure. Dr. Brooks will remove a portion of your labia and then close the cut.
Wedge procedure
With the Wedge procedure, Dr. Brooks removes a small pie-shaped tissue from your labia minora. The incision is closed using absorbable sutures before the removal of hanging folds from the clitoral hood.
How is loose labia treated?
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