What happens if you do not work with any insurance?

If we do not work with any insurance, you will be responsible for 100% of your charges. We do not bill your insurance if we are not in-network, but we can provide you with a superbill with all the coding and charges filled in. This is only for anyone who does not have Medicaid or Medicare. If you are interested in submitting your behalf, the needed material is available upon request at the checkout window.

Do you accept payment plans for the new patient visit?
At this time, we do not take payment plans for new patient visits.
What will my new patient visit look like?
Your new patient visit will start by being taken to the provider’s office for you both to go over your underlying medical conditions. After that, you will be shown an exam room where the provider will perform an exam. The provider will then likely preform a colposcopy exam. This type of exam uses a special microscope with a light at the end of it to take a better look at the skin on the vulva. This helps the provider identify any changes and look for any concerning areas.
Do you accept out-of-state patients?
Yes! Our office has several patients who travel to our office from all over the states. Please keep in mind that we require you to be present in our office for your first appointment. After that, we have more flexibility as far as providing telehealth appointments. Your provider will have to see you once a year to continue prescribing medication to you.
Can my new patient visit be virtual?
Unfortunately no. Due to our sub-specialty, the only way we can make a proper medical diagnosis in the beginning, is by seeing you. We understand that coming from out of state or from a far distance can be challenging. However, to provide you the best care possible, an exam is needed.
What forms of payment do you accept?
  • care credit
  • check
  • card
  • cash
Do you treat children?
We are available and happy to offer medication to pediatric patients who suffer from the conditions we treat. Dr. Brooks has children of his own and understands parents’ concern for their children’s health wellbeing.