I highly recommend going to see Dr. Brooks for any recurring issues you are having. I was having symptoms of a yeast infection (without ever testing positive for one) as well as skin irritation for about 3 years. I saw two other specialists in Colorado before coming to this office and I did not receive a diagnosis until I visited Dr. Joseph Brooks. I was traveling there to visit family and I decided to search for other specialists in the area as I was miserable with my symptoms. After seeing Dr. Brooks just once he was able to diagnose me with something called cytolytic vaginosis which is just an overgrowth of healthy bacteria and can be easily managed. I was also diagnosed with seborrheic vulvitis which is just an overgrowth of normal skin yeast which causes itchiness. Dr. Brooks diagnosed me within one visit and scheduled a follow up 3 weeks later before I drove back to Colorado to make sure I was feeling okay. Dr. Brooks took the time to listen to me and was determined to get me the help I needed. Very rare to come across a doctor as passionate and caring as he is. I am forever grateful to him for making me feel myself again.