About Wende Holt, WHNP-BC
Wende Holt
WHNP-Vulvovaginal Disease Specialist located in Phoenix, AZ
Wende has been a nurse since 1999 and has experience in many different fields of medicine including emergency room, orthopedics, NICU and Women’s Health. Wende graduated with her Master of Science in Nursing as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner in 2010.

She trained with Dr. Brooks during school and was privileged to work with him for several years after graduation. She rejoined the practice in June 2019 after several years working at a regular OB/GYN office.

While she enjoys all aspects of gynecological care, her focus and passion are centered around vulvovaginal diseases and genetics in regards to inherited cancer risks. She recently completed an intensive training course through City of Hope for inherited cancer screening, genetic testing, and counseling and is now a member of the CCGCoP (Clinical Cancer Genomics Community of Practice).

Wende has a strong reputation for connecting with patients and establishing an effective and positive patient-provider relationship.