Anti-Aging with TempSure Envi

What can’t this thing do to restore your glow, tighten your skin and take years off your appearance??

With hand pieces designed to treat the skin on the chest, elbows, abdomen, above knees, face, vagina, and much more, this innovative device is state of the art for Radio frequency, non-invasive aesthetic treatments. An additional attachment treats and reduces the appearance of Cellulite. “Sign me up!” you say?! Of course, just call for your consult at Arizona Specialized Gynecology and our highly trained staff will get you in and set you on the road to a more youthful you!

What should I expect with a Tempsure™ Envi Treatment?

Radiofrequency waves heat up and target tissue, which produces new collagen, which tightens the skin. We use a little gel and you will feel a little heat. You will look younger, naturally, and refreshed all the time without any downtime or risks of “overdoing it”.

Who can get TempSure Envi treatment?

Anyone, everyone. TempSure love for all!

Why would TempSure Envi be the right choice for me?

It’s the latest and greatest. It’s safe, and can be used on the entire body! The treatment is fast and you can go back to work. This can be done on a lunch hour. Those are only a few reasons to choose this amazing new treatment. See the pictures for the rest of the reasons!

This is the Skin Tightening Treatment that will change how you see yourself and trust in Aesthetic treatments!

Dr. Joseph Brooks
Tempsure Evni Before and After

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