Do Not Let Chronic Discomfort be Part of 2019!

No one should ever have to go through chronic discomfort. The daily struggle that women go through due to vaginal discomfort is not only physically uncomfortable, but mentally as well. As we go into the new year, wouldn’t it be nice to not let chronic discomfort be a part of it? Dr. Brooks can help make this wish, a reality.

Chronic yeast infections are one of the most common conditions among women. Chronic vaginal yeast infections are defined as yeast infections occurring four or more times a year. The diagnosis can be confirmed by seeing yeast on a wet prep (microscope) of the vagina, or by growing yeast on a culture.

Chronic yeast infections have several risks attached to them. Uncontrolled diabetes and abnormal glucose tolerance or insulin resistance are risk factors for recurrent yeast infections. Chronic antibiotic therapy can also be a risk factor for recurrent yeast infections. Non-albicans species of yeast are typically resistant to fluconazole and over-the-counter yeast preparations.

In addition, the misdiagnosis of other vulvovaginal disorders as “yeast” based upon symptoms is a common cause for the presentation of “chronic yeast”. Irritant vaginitis may mimic the symptoms of vaginal yeast infections (i.e., vaginal burning and discharge). Often the preservatives in many vaginal preparations (i.e., Monistat) can be irritating.

Don’t fret, you are NOT alone and there are treatment options! Treatment recommendations are made based upon confirmatory identification of the species of yeast. Successful treatment is achieved once the proper diagnosis is made and the appropriate medicines have been prescribed. During your visit, Dr. Brooks can recommend the appropriate plan of action specifically for your needs.

The new year doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and unenjoyable like the past. If you’re looking to feel better, and gain back the confidence you lost, schedule your appointment today with Dr. Brooks. The time is NOW!