10 Self-Care Tips to De-Stress Your Life


With 2019 in full swing it’s already easy to be overwhelmed by the new year and to be stressed out; and that can effect your physical and emotional health. Take a deep breath and read these ten easy tips to de-stress your life.

1. Identify and eliminate triggers

Sometimes it’s easy to just brush off the small irritants in life rather than cutting them out completely. They can be as small as a kitchen drawer that doesn’t close completely or as major as that toxic friend who always leaves you feeling bad about yourself. Now’s the time to identify what sets you off and cut it out of your life.



2. Take time for yourself each day

Life gets busy—work, family, friends, bills, traffic, doctor’s appointments, getting dinner on the table—and it’s all too easy to ignore your number responsibility: yourself.


3. Smile 🙂

It’s free, it’s easy, and it’ll make you (and those around you) feel better!


4. Be healthy

Getting a good night’s sleep, eating better, and spending a few minutes each day exercising will pay dividends for your physical and mental health. In the short-term you’ll feel better and over the long-run your body and mind will thank you.


5. Give back

You didn’t get to where you are in life by yourself. A teacher or co-worker or colleague or random stranger has lent a helping hand or piece of advice along the way. Now’s the time to pay it forward and help someone else—volunteer a few hours each month; clean out your closet and donate that shirt you haven’t worn in years (we all have one hanging there just taking up space); or make a small contribution to your favorite cause.


6. Check items off your to-do list

It feels great to accomplishment things! Finish up that small, but pesky chore that has been nagging at you for weeks.


7. Find time to unplug every day

Whether it’s sitting down for dinner with the family or before going to bed, turn off the TV and leave your cell phone behind and just live in, and enjoy, the moment with yourself and your loved ones.


8. Stay in touch with friends and family

Pick up the phone and call a friend you haven’t spoken with recently. Handwrite a note to someone you unexpectedly ran into last week. Send an email to a family member just letting them know you are thinking about them.


9. Find a hobby

Now is the perfect time to jump back into an activity you did as a kid; it’s also great for trying something new. Check out your library, community center, or local school to take an introductory class in gardening, or painting, or karate.


10. Do something big for yourself

With all of life’s challenges, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day without really thinking about yourself. Every once in a while, it’s important to take a moment, step back, and just think about yourself and what makes you happy.